In service Inspection

We certify the safe use of pressure equipment already in service.
We are a recognized inspection body under DL n.º 131/2019, 30th August.

Pressure equipment:

  • Compressed air, oxygen, or inert gases
  • Steam generators and equivalents
  • Pressure equipment and assemblies intended for the production or storage of liquefied cryogenic gases
  • Liquefied petroleum gas tanks (> 200,000 liters)
  • Liquefied petroleum gas tanks (≤ 200,000 liters)
  • Other pressure equipment 

Scope of activity:

  • Installation project analysis
  • Initial, interim, periodic, and extraordinary inspections
  • Compliance reassessment
  • Analysis of repair or alteration projects
  • Inspection of repairs and alterations
  • Recalculations
  • Assessment of inspection and testing plans
  • Non-destructive testing within the scope of inspection