Instituto Tecnológico do Gás

Surrounded by the tranquillity of the natural and architectural beauty of the town of Sintra, ITG – Instituto Tecnológico do Gás, has been developing its activities with the aim of serving the gas industry.

Instituto Tecnológico do Gás, a non-profit organization, is a Technical and Scientific entity which main objective is the promotion of the image of combustible gases to the general public.

Focusing on quality and safety, ITG is dedicated to conducting analyses of combustible gases and tests on appliances and equipment for the gas industry and utilization, encompassing activities related to transportation, storage, distribution, use, and metering.

Initially founded under the name Portuguese Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gases, with the introduction of natural gas in Portugal, it became known as the Portuguese Combustible Gases Association (APGC), and was recognized as a public utility entity in 1980.

Heir of the long experience dating back to 1976, in 1997 assumed the designation ITG, continuing its recognized work of serving the Gas Industry, developing activities related to natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

To date, it continues to provide services as an inspection body, product certification, standardization body, etc., to the entire gas and fuel industry.