Sustainability Policy

We are committed to sustainable development, which we put into practice every day. Through the Sustainability Policy, at ITG, we govern ourselves according to the following principles:

  1. Associate financial goals with social and environmental responsibility, seeking to achieve competitive quality through the development of more efficient processes and cleaner technical procedures, in order to meet the expectations of customers, employees, members, the community, and suppliers.
  2. Maintain an ethical and transparent stance in all activities and in all locations where it operates, and all its employees undersign the Code of Ethics and Values.
  3. Generate value, jobs, and technical knowledge for the communities where we provide our services and in the countries where we operate, providing specific technical training, welcoming interns who are later integrated into the company, and giving its employees the opportunity to participate in information-sharing forums involving various relevant entities.
  4. Demonstrate social responsibility through active participation in humanitarian organizations, support to the community, investment in hygiene, health, and safety conditions for its employees.
  5. Promote responsible use of natural resources, especially fuel consumption used in travel.
  6. Contribute to citizenship development through actions that value education and knowledge, through the realization of free seminars open to the community, information provided through the quarterly newsletter, and the website.
  7. Promote respect for the environment by identifying the impacts associated with the activity, establishing goals and objectives, monitoring defined indicators, minimizing consumption, and increasing the recycling of produced waste.