Fuel Inspection Authority

We certify the safety of use of fuel installations.

We are a recognized inspection body by DGEG (Direção Geral de Energia e Geologia) as Fuel Inspection Body for various types of fuel installations.

Technical assessment of:

  • LPG Storage Installations Projects
  • LPG Cylinder Storage Parks Projects
  • Liquid Fuel Storage Installations Projects
  • Petroleum Derivatives Storage Installations Projects
  • Liquid Fuel and LPG Installations Projects

Technical Inspections (initial, periodic, and final) of:

  • Petroleum Derivatives Storage Facilities and Fuel Stations
  • LPG Storage Installations
  • LPG Cylinder Storage Parks
  • Liquid Fuel Storage Installations
  • Petroleum Derivatives Storage Installations
  • Liquid Fuel and LPG Installations

ITG also conducts expertise audits, reports, and technical opinions within its technical competence, on matters covered by safety regulations in the fuel sector.